About Us

We are more than a company

Our vision is to be a global leader in delivering quality IT Outsourcing services that optimize the business growth of every organization.


Our mission

To produce high quality and easy to use products empowered by technology and driven by values

Our Core Values

Global Standards. We provide IT outsourcing services and comply with global standards. We deliver world-class and excellent quality service to our offshore clients and make their business successful.

Best Team. We recruit and hire the best IT professionals who have passion for what they do. As a team, we make IT happen!

Fun Environment. We believe that life and work cannot be totally separated; and rather than balancing, we try to integrate them. We want the GBF family to add fun to their day and enjoy both their job and personal life.


Our History

Established in 2012, Global BrainForce is a world-class leader focused on building software products and providing IT solutions that are needed for the 21st century. With its humble beginnings in Netherlands, Robert Giezen, CEO, started working on projects and providing staff to various industries. He leads the overall direction of the organization and has grown to maintain a solid list of loyal clients that has fuelled company growth. The main office of Global BrainForce located at King’s Court 1 Building, Makati City, Philippines, accommodates development teams who work with offshore clients based in Europe, US, Australia, and Middle East.

Only the best of the best

We find the best programming talent. Our team recruits for aptitude and creativity. We hire people with brilliant analytical skills to achieve global standards. We love creative minds that embrace diversity to bring in fresh ideas and new perspective. We want people who like figuring out problems where there is no obvious answer.

Careers & Growth

We invest in our people and manage the flow of
talent by developing leaders, driving individual performance and building technical talent. To keep abreast of the fast-changing world of technology, training courses and knowledge-sharing sessions are constantly provided. We encourage our people to enjoy learning and to be creative in reinventing the way jobs are done.

Team + Culture

Partner with a fun and united software development team who has the passion and commitment to deliver quality service.


Global standards


Best team