Excellent quality service

Discliplined scrum

Agile teams deliver software at the end of each sprint that is solid – very few defects, even if each sprint accommodates massive changes.
The only way to do this is through disciplined Agile Engineering practices – Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, etc. Teams write even the smallest unit of code in ways that catch defects early on, and in ways that easily and safely accommodate changes.

It is a point of pride of each of our teams to keep our codebase near-defect-free and deployable, not just at the end of each sprint, but at any given time. Our clients may or may not care about Agile, but they care about the results of the software they receive from us – solid software on which they can trust their business.

What is agile scrum

We believe that software development requires a collaborative environment. A common vision between GBF and the client is essential to have an effective collaborative environment. This, along with constant communication and repeated testing, ensures that the project will be delivered on time, all the time.


Your idea and intellectual property is safe

contracts make sure the IP is fully owned by our clients.

source code, design, concepts, icons, databases, software patents etc.


Knowledge is retained

A project team is committed to you for as long as the project takes. This team works closely with you from our office.

source code, design, concepts, icons, databases, software patents etc.


Security is implemented

All our offices have standard security and are monitored 24/7

Access & export rights are implemented to the entire development information regarding your project.