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Global BrainForce is a company of software engineers making it easy for businesses to build their own dedicated software development teams in the Philippines.


Most of our clients are American, Australian, and European companies, but we help tech businesses from all around the world. Not only large companies; especially for start-ups, small or medium-sized companies, they all can take advantage of the lower costs, and availability of specialist skills. And we help them with just that.


Robert Giezen

The Founder, Global BrainForce Inc.

Who we are?

Global BrainForce (GBF) was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Robert Giezen. We pioneered a new way of outsourcing for IT. Our service involves setting up an overseas extension of your company’s team and getting a local specialist to handle the compliance, payroll, taxes, employee records, vacations, sick days, and other administrative hassles, while you retain control over quality and productivity.

We started our main development capacities in the Philippines due to the country’s wide range of highly trained IT professionals. Due to Robert’s close affinity with the Philippines, he knew that the Philippines has a distinctive competitive advantage- that is English language proficiency, being the country’s second language.

Our special model gives our clients full control over recruitment, and when the selected software developers are hired with us, they act like our client’s full-time employees. They’re dedicated to our client’s business and motivated to deliver high quality work, while GBF takes care of the rest.

Our mission is to help your business to develop your software with smart and flexible outsource solutions in the Philippines, realizing a win-win situation.

Companies benefit from the availability of software developers and the lower rates, and scale faster.

In the Philippines, it provides highly skilled and environmentally friendly employment that is well paid by local standards.

Our difference

Our solution to offshoring is quite unique – We help you build your full-time, dedicated team in the Philippines, taking care of everything on the ground. So you get employees who work just for you, in your business, working towards your business-specific goals.

When you partner with the strongest software development team provider, you get the best business infrastructure.

Key differentiators
  • Specialized in software development, web development and IT.
  • Transparent fees, with everything you need.
  • State-of-the-art, fully-equipped workspaces.
  • Customizable work environments (branding, layout and security).
  • Custom technology and tools to simplify team collaboration.
  • You are involved in the recruitment process.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Completely scalable.
  • Global BrainForce track record & financial stability.


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Our processes are up to par with globally-recognized service standards. We deliver excellent quality service that guarantee business impact and measurable growth.


We find, train, and nurture the best software developers. We’re driven to build a passionate team of creative and analytical problem solvers that can execute cutting-edge software.


We create positive synergies between the personal and professional lives of our team members. Teams are succesful when passion meets purpose and when we enjoy a day at work.

Teams Culture

Software development teams with the passion and commitment to deliver quality service.


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