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After 30 years of working in the IT and Software Development space, I wanted to prove that there is no need to make any compromises to work with a remote software development team – that there is great global top talent, with more commitment and good retention rates, and better scalability than working with local available employees.


Robert Giezen

The Founder, Global BrainForce Inc.

Who we are?

Global BrainForce (GBF) was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Robert Giezen. He envisioned that the future of IT and software development jobs would belong to remote work. Video meeting, augmented reality, and cloud computing enables companies to work with a global software development team.

We started our main development capacities in the Philippines due to the country’s wide range of highly trained IT professionals, and the ease of communication. Due to Robert’s close affinity with the Philippines, he knew that the Philippines has a distinctive competitive advantage over other outsource destinations- that is English language proficiency, being the country’s second language and the primary medium of instruction.

We focus on staff augmentation – a model that gives our clients full control over recruitment, and when the selected software developers are hired with us, they act like our client’s full-time employees. They’re dedicated to our client’s business and motivated to deliver high quality work, while GBF takes care of the rest.

GBF’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a global software development team

Our goal when we created Global BrainForce in 2012 was the same as it is today: to accelerate the advent of remote software development teams by finding and retaining the best possible, flexible, and quality software development teams globally, while solving the problem of local talent shortages.

In addition, Global BrainForce also produces a unique range of consulting solutions to enable product owners, development teams, and team leaders to work efficient in a remote situation.

Global BrainForce believes that the faster the world moves from local employees to a future with a unified global labor market, the better.

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Our processes are up to par with globally-recognized service standards. We deliver excellent quality service that guarantee business impact and measurable growth.


We find, train, and nurture the best software developers. We’re driven to build a passionate team of creative and analytical problem solvers that can execute cutting-edge software.


We create positive synergies between the personal and professional lives of our team members. Teams are succesful when passion meets purpose and when we enjoy a day at work.

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