160.000 new vacancies and no suitable employee available


Statistics on the Dutch market are clear. In April 2016 a total amount of 160.000 new vacancies were set online. The highest amount since 2008 and a significant raise comparing with the same month* the year before.

Most of these vacancies are available in the ICT branche. Businesses as IT and financial services are busy looking for highly educated ICT employees. Even self-employement is an option to fill in these vacancies. And yet it is almost the hardest challenge at this moment.

One of the other solutions instead of hiring your own staff, is the use of employees overseas. The so called offshoring.

Solution: offshoring

Offshoring is an outsourcing method by a third party in another country. This third party takes care of all administrative issues related the appointment: recruitment & hiring, the contract, the office and the needed devices. Communication with your overseas employee occurs by all available resources: skype (video & chat), phone calls, e-mail, but also the use of collaboration tools. Good communication results in a good quality of the project.

Full time employees and tailor-made systems

Global BrainForce offers specialized software development capabilities through our offshore staffing services for IT service companies and IT software vendors out of the Philippines for a very good price. Are you looking for software developers with excellent developing skills i.e. C++, PHP or Java? Or are you in need of a mobile application or a tailor-made CRM system? Global BrainForce is here to help!

More information

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