App development: why companies should use apps as part of their business strategy

The world counts more than five billion unique mobile users. More than 80% of them are using a smartphone. Each user has an average of about 37 apps on his device. The amount of downloads of free apps was in 2017 about 254 billion, of payed apps it was approximate 15 billion times. As of March 2017, there were 2.8 million available apps on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store. Hugh amounts and the numbers are still increasing.

According to GeoMobile, users spend three hours, 23 minutes a day in apps (compared to 50 minutes on mobile web and a little over two hours spent on PCs). How can your company use these facts to improve your business strategy and to get in contact with your clients?

In this blog we inform you about the ways you can use apps in your business strategy and how you can build one.

Your app: more than a product

More and more companies are aware of the opportunities the use of mobile devices offers. They are searching for ways to incorporate it in their business and marketing strategy. An app can be used as a distribution channel, but it’s more than that. It is a way to communicate, if you use it right you can learn from, adapt to and engage with your customers, so that you can address their needs and use them as part of your business strategy.

Apps are the new websites

Remember the days about 25 years ago? The first website went online? We started with a simple version, only information and a few menu items. We developed to web tools, web shops and complete tailor made customer fitted web services. A new software developer was born: the UX designer or user experience designer. The importance of a good looking, smartly designed website with a clear lay-out formed the base of his work. Website are SEO friendly, easy to navigate and… we take it for granted that every company has a website.

In a few years the same will happen with apps. The UX designer already changed from website development to all user experience tasks, including app development. Most websites are already responsive for all mobile devices. They adjust their lay-out based on the screen resolution of the device so they keep on working properly. This is the beginning of a new development in the world of customer experience, in creating exposure for your company and in staying in touch with your customers. The next step is creating an app that is convenient to use, that collects information about the way the app is used and that makes it easy for the user to contact your company.

What you should be aware of when launching an app

Are you convinced of introducing an app as part of your business strategy? Be sure to pose following questions:

1. Why are you introducing an app?
2. What is the added value to your other channels?
3. Who will be using the app?
4. Will you use it temporarily or for the long term?
5. Will you create a native app or a hybrid app?
6. Will it be available on smartphones and tablets?
7. Are you willing to put time in the maintenance of it and add new features at it?

How to build an app

Do you have the answers on above questions? Ready to start building your own app? Time to start developing! If you would like to receive some advice in app development, do not hesitate to contact our team. They would be glad to inform you.

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