Case Study: End user Hoekman RVS

Finds with Global brain force knowledge and capacity

“As the name suggests, Hoekman is stainless steel Specialist in the custom-made manufacture of stainless steel plate and Construction. Quality, advice, service and close cooperation with Customers are the key pillars of the services provided by the in Nieuwleusen Established family business. Hoekman invested accordingly Stainless steel recently in the development of a digital customer platform. Director-owner Gert Hoekman asked the support from Global BrainForce. At Full satisfaction. Global brain Force not only delivered the right IT professional, but also helped us in making a detailed Project description.”

Cooperating, consulting and a customer portal

It is now over nine Years ago that Gert, together with his sister took over Hoekman stainless steel from his father. Before he took that step, he worked at a number of differentcompanies: from startups to multinational corporations. With the knowledge and experience he got there, he put the emphasis within his own company on responding to customer demand. Gert: ‘ We don’t want to be a subcontractor but a partner who is thinking with teh customer. If a customer asks us for an on paper well designed frame, we’ll first see if we can improve the design from our expertise. In many cases, we manage to reduce lead time and/or save costs. ‘ To maximize time and capacity for advising customers Hoekman want to automate standard customer processes, such as requesting quotations and monitoring the order progress, in a customer portal. Gert: ‘ There was customization necessary, especially as we work in our production with different software packages that need to be connected to provide the necessary, relevant information to disclose the customer portal.

Collaborate remotely without problems

After an exploratory interview with Global BrainForce on the specific question, Gert chose to cooperation with the Netherlands and Manila based IT service provider. Gert: ‘ In the implementation of IT projects, Global BrainForce with Manila-based IT professionals, but for making the technical and functional design, they also have professionals available in the Netherlands. That worked for us very pleasantly, IT is after all not our core business. We have only mapped the processes, Global BrainForce signed for the technical background: I have absolutely not worried about that.

After the project is well defined, Global BrainForce selected an IT professional that started in Manila with building the customer platform. Gert: ‘ We work From the start together in a project team consisting of our marketing manager, our programmer and our Global BrainForce programmer in Manila. The mutual communication takes place via Skype and that works well. We experience it as an advantage, that we are in an different time zone,: it provides a perfect overlap and course of our activities. At the beginning of our working day, our colleagues in Manila carry over their findings to us and vice versa. ‘ In addition, Hoekman experiences daily benefits of good, detailed project description they made together with Global BrainForce Gert: ‘ If you are collaborating remotely, it is important that you describe well what you want to get delivered. After all, you can’t visit to explain each other physically face to face. That is what I did not realise prior to the project, but fortunately, Global BrainForce challenged us to do so. The benefits of that, we experinece daily: it has prevented errors later in the project. ‘

Good quality and part of the Hoekman family

Now Hoekman already works A number of years together with Global BrainForce, to the full satisfaction. The Customer portal is delivered in 2019 and meets the latest Technical and functional requirements. Also thanks to the professional of Global BrainForce who delivers good quality work and fits well with Hoekman. Gert: ‘ We Cannot say otherwise than that Allan meets our criteria and he feel at home with us. He has become a full member of the Hoekman family. I experience no difference in mentality or culture. ‘ This shows for Gert also the added value of Global BrainForce. Gert: ‘ Good programmers are difficult to find the Netherlands. From their offices in the Philippines, Global BrainForce can assign much faster quality people than local IT suppliers can. ‘ The collaboration with Global BrainForce taste for more according to Gert . ‘ Global brain Force has a knowledge of things, works pragmatically and is accessible: the lines are short. Internally we have enough ideas for IT projects on the shelf and Global brain force will be there in the future than also certainly involved. ‘

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