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Do you want to open your own Global Remote IT center in the Philippines and want to have a trustworthy partner on the ground? Global BrainForce can help you to open a remote IT center in the Philippines. You only pay for the team and office cost.

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What is a Global Remote IT center?

Companies that need a separate office in the Philippines that is part of your business, but do not have the time or capacity to set-up a new office and deal with all the administrative issues on the ground, make use of our service to setup a remote IT center. With this you outsource the establishing of the company, finding of employees and HR management to a third party.

In these situations, opening a separate office in the Philippines is a suitable solution:

you are looking for a remote IT center in the Philippines

need help finding the right specialist profiles

you want to receive advice about the right profiles

do not have time for an extensive selection procedure

What are the benefits of a Global Remote IT center?


We agree on a permanent contract with the IT professionals and you. This gives you the certainty that you can commit the IT workforce to you for a long time



No extra high costs for recruiting and onboarding. You only pay for the team and office cost.


What is the difference between Global Remote IT center and Global Remote permanent?

Global Remote IT center, just like permanent hiring, gives you certainty. Here too we are responsible for the implementation of the employment and we take the administration off your hands. Where with permanent hiring you only pay fore your team without employer risk, we also provide you with your own office when hiring on a remote IT center basis.

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How does Global Remote IT center work with us?

Global Remote IT center is like Global Remote permanent. After understanding your needs we find your perfect candidate or build you a tailor-made team who will work from your own office.

What make the Philippines the right choice?

  • Typical cost savings of up to 70% on salaries in most cases

  • English is the primary language

  • A focus on higher-level education and training

  • Large workforce (over 40 million)

  • Good infrastructure and amenities

  • Good geographic location


Why a Global Remote IT center with us?

We know very well what is involved in the search and management for IT professionals. We are happy taking care of everything on the ground with our many years of experience, and large network. This is what we offer:

  • the largest selection of the best candidates
  • Specialist knowledge is of great importance in the IT and software development industry. Our advisors are IT specialists, so that we can respond to the needs of your organization.
  • State-of-the-art, fully-equipped workspaces, customizable (branding, layout and security).

What does a Global Remote IT center cost?

The costs for a remote IT center differ per case. It’s custom work. We can only determine the rate after we have discussed all your wishes with you. We can only determine the rate when know teh gross salaries of your team and the office space required. You decide the gross salaries. That means: no cure, no pay and means: you only pay when you have actually hired someone!

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Getting started with a Global Remote IT center

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