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Is your organization checked?

We are PEZA certified and a member of teh Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the PHilippines. We are among the top software development companies in the Philippines according to GoodFirms and Clutch. So when you hire software developers in the Philippines with Global BrainForce, you can be sure that your data is well-protected.

If I only want to hire one developer, can you still help?

We have many clients with one-developer for a long time.

From were do the developers work?

Due to frequent covid restrictions, we involved our clients in this decision. Many of them allow their developers to work from home (or a few days from Global BrainForce offices). We still supply them with all the necessary hardware and retention services as usual..

What is the cost for setting up the team?

We do not add costs associated with setting up a team. We’ll provide your team with everything they need to get started, including a standard hardware/software setup that works for most of our clients, equipment, office supplies, and support staff. Only if a client has special requirements concerning the workstation, they cover the expenses related to its purchase.

What HR and admin support do you provide to your clients?

A dedicated HR/Client Manager will be assigned to your team so that you’ll always know how your developers are doing and can get advice on project management best practices. Our accounting and legal teams will deal with all the administrative issues of operations in he Philippines including payroll, taxes, and social contributions for your software developers.

How can I start hiring a remote software developer?

We start by discussing the terms, your business needs, team structure, and job descriptions.

How do you select my software developers?

Our recruiters use our specialists database to match candidates with the skills you need. Selected candidates are then screened and interviewed by our recruiters. You receive the shortlisted Candidates for your own final selection by screening and interviews.

Do I get a dedicated client manager?

Yes, We assign an HR/Client Manager who is always ready to proactively solve any communication issues. Your HR/Client Manager’s will facilitate performance reviews and evaluate their job satisfaction. Your feedbacks regarding their work quality and professional growth will be analyzed.

What time does the Team work?

We believe that collaboration and constant communication is key to the success of any development work. In the event you’re working in a different time zone, we can agree on a schedule that works best so that you and your extended team have overlapping hours to meet and brainstorm.

Can I start with just one person?

Yes. We’ll come up with a flexible staffing model that makes the most sense for you. You’ll have the option to start with one team member and scale up. We can also increase the developers you need based on your business needs.

How do I communicate with my Team?

Our team is well-versed with a variety of communication tools and platforms (ie Zoom, Skype, Google meet) and as you’re extended team, we’re more than happy to be on communication tools and channels that you’re already using.

How is the leave management process managed?

Your GBf employee plan and request leaves in our HR system. Public holidays are communicated at the beginning of the year. Attendance is monitored using our fingerprint system when entering the office and an online time management system where employees need to enter their time. The systems are managed and monitored on a daily basis.

Can my developer start working immediately?

The first step is to clearly define the kind of skills you need. GBF can look in our available workforce or hire people tailored to your requirements.

Who manage my team?

We provide PMO and operational support. You work directly with your virtual team and organize project management using your guidelines. We will help you set up the process with our process services.

How can I prepare good communication?

We follow this checklist:

  1. A list of contact names, phone numbers, skype IDs, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers is distributed. Main contacts list. (Manila team must have the ability to communicate with the local client team.)
  2. A meeting plan. (Plan on an average of a one-day turnaround on communications between sites.)
  3. A Video conferencing service like Zoom, Google meet, with group chat functionality (in addition to email, and chat.)
  4. New documentation will be in English.
  5. Communication will be in English where the global team is involved.

We will help you set up the process with our process services.

How can I prepare onboarding of my developers?

We follow this checklist:

  1. Have clearly documented company information.
  2. Provide information in steps (i.e. per week, no excessive informational overload).
  3. Communicate clearly (and often) enough.
  4. Establishing boundaries.
  5. Set clear goals.
  6. Plan your onboarding process
  7. Do not make assumption

This checklist is designed to educate you as our partner about the company’s process, answer all your questions, and providing you with everything you need to make our partnership successful. We will help you set up the process with our process services.

How is data security ensured?

Before starting a project, we make sure to sign an NDA. This protects the privacy of your data and the confidentiality of your project. We have specialists who can advise the latest security protocols for keeping all data and software products safe