Software Maintenance

Developing your own software is no ordinary feat!
We know it took a lot of time, effort, and money to have a final product. To get the most out of your investment, we’ll need to ensure you get the same expert support and effort that pushed this project to success through software maintenance.

What is Software Maintenance?

Simply put, this is the process where updates, modifications, bug fixes, patches, and additional features are provided to existing software solutions to ultimately, increase performance and drive user experience.

Why is it Necessary?

Seamless Go-Live Experience

Keep your product launch headache-free by leveraging the expertise of the same team that built your software– this way, you can focus on your customers’ feedback instead of technical issues.

Extended Technical Support

Sometimes FAQs aren’t enough to resolve your customers’ pressing issues. Let our team do the heavy-lifting for  more advanced and complex technical concerns.

Holistic Software Health

Ongoing monitoring, bug fixes, and upgrades are essential to keeping your new software healthy. This includes reports and recommendations to prevent any major issues in the future and guarantee your technical competitive advantage.

Who would benefit from Software Maintenance support?

  • Anyone who does not have dedicated in-house resources with the capacity and expertise to fix critical issues.
  • Anyone who wants to ensure a continuous smooth experience for their customers
  • Anyone who wants to safeguard their investment through enhancing their software lifespan
  • Anyone who wants to control and significantly reduce maintenance cost by preventing large unexpected spending in the future.

Types of Software Maintenance


Goal: Bug Fixing

  • Rectifying software bugs observed while the system is in use
  • Enhancing the performance of the system


Goal: Capability Enhancement

  • Modifications and updates for when users need the product to run on new platforms, operating systems or interface with new hardware and software.


Goal: User Adoption

  • Supports the new features that the users want
  • Update features and functionality according to customer feedback.


Goal: Performance Improvement

  • Prevent and detect latent issues by addressing them before they become serious issues.

Benefits of Software Maintenance

  • Safeguard your investment by enhancing software lifespan.
  • Controls and significantly reduces your maintenance cost by preventing large unexpected costs in the future.
  • Easily implement revenue generating upgrades and enhancements as needed.
  • Ensure prompt and expert support by leveraging existing product knowledge.
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