How does Global Remote permanent work with us?

Hiring an IT professional or team of professionals with Global BrainForce is simple. After understanding your needs we find your candidate that’s the right fit for your business. We explain how this process works using these 7 steps:

Register vacancy right away


step 1: You post your vacancy with us

We collect knowledge to build your company profile

We describe the vacancy, the job profile and required skills

We check the culture to find the right match

We then translate this into a vacancy text containing the right story about the attractiveness of your company and the vacancy.

step 2: The vacancy will be distributed

The vacancy will be published on the Global BrainForce website and forwarded to the job boards and search engines

Our recruiters search in our database and through other channels



step 3: We select suitable candidates

We conduct interviews with candidates followed by a number of tests. We test them on hard (competences and skills) and soft criteria. In addition, we check whether the candidate matches the company culture

Does the candidate still qualify? If possible, we always do at least 2 reference checks

Finally, we coordinate the wishes and expectations of the candidates with them

step 4: Invite and present the best candidates

We select 2 or more suitable candidates and introduce them to you, depending on your wishes and the availability in the market

Scheduling interviews with both the candidate and you

Discuss feedback with the candidates: decline or make follow-up appointments

step 5: Hire candidate

Informing both you and the candidate

Contracts and confirmation letters



step 6: Coaching both you and the hired candidate

Advise on preferred methodology to manage your remote IT professional. Most of our partners follow Agile methodologies

Introduction course and guidance on the candidate’s first working days

You train them your procedures for daily tasks

Evaluation after the first week, and month

Coordination wishes and any further guidance



step 7: We are taking care of everything on the ground

As an employer we manage your staff in the Philippines, we handle the compliance, payroll, taxes, employee records, vacations, sick days, and other administrative hassles

Your assigned HR/Client Manager is always ready to proactively solve any communication issues, facilitate performance reviews, and evaluate their job satisfaction. Your feedbacks regarding their work quality and professional growth will be analyzed