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3 Straightforward Steps to Initiate Successful Software Development Global Sourcing in the Philippines

1 - Define Your Needs

Identify the specific software development processes that you want to globally source.

2 - Skill Alignment

We connect you with the right talent, creating your optimal offshore team.

3 - Consistent Support

Our commitment is to ensure smooth operations at all times.

Understanding Global Sourcing in Software Development Staffing

Global Sourcing in software development is a strategic approach to leverage an organization in another country, accessing a larger talent pool and achieving cost-effectiveness. Looking to extend your operations overseas? With our unique service, you not only tap into global talent to enhance your business’s competitive edge, but you also gain a reliable partner who manages all operations, including recruitment. At Global BrainForce, you work directly with your chosen team while we handle everything else, allowing you to focus on your core business

Here are situations where Global Sourcing in software development staffing becomes an optimal solution:

Seeking full-time dedicated IT staff

Preference for selecting staff from presented candidates

Desire for full control over your team’s processes and tasks

Need to mitigate employer risks and outsource operations

Need a partner to assist with software development process management

Require transparent monthly costs and control over salary and compensation packages

The Benefits of Global Sourcing for Staffing

Rapidly and effortlessly scale your operations


Experience up to 70% cost reduction with Global BrainForce staffing services


Access skilled, high-quality, and English-proficient IT talent in the Philippines


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Phase 1 - Defining Your Needs

What software development processes do you want to globally source? We work closely with you to understand your needs, identify specific skills required, estimate costs, and ensure alignment with your company’s goals, budget, and expectations.


Phase 2 - Skill Alignment and Team Creation

We tap into a large pool of software developers to find the right match for your needs. Candidates undergo rigorous screening and technical assessments, with the final choice always yours.

Phase 3 - Seamless Operations

We handle the onboarding and training of your team, while you manage their tasks as you would your onshore team.

We manage your staff in the Philippines, but they are dedicated to you and report to you. We look after contracts, compliance, performance monitoring, employee engagement activities, IT support, and more.

  • SHARED space: Collaborative work environment.
  • DEDICATED space: Your own exclusive workspace.


Comparing Global Sourcing Staffing and Software Development Outsourcing

  • Global Sourcing Software Development Staffing: You maintain quality control and productivity of your IT team.
  • Software Development Outsourcing: You build a product-oriented team managing all your software development processes while you retain the vision.

Distinguishing between Direct and Indirect Global Sourcing

  • Direct Global Sourcing: Have the perfect candidate in mind? Opt for direct global sourcing and we employ your selected IT professional with a regular contract.
  • Indirect Global Sourcing: If you’re unsure about the job scope or the right candidate, opt for indirect global sourcing. Hire the IT professional with a regular contract after a trial period.


Project-based or Global Sourcing? Use our checklist

Undecided about global sourcing or a project-based approach? To aid your decision, check out our checklist. Access the checklist now

What Does Global Sourcing Cost?

The costs for global sourcing vary by IT role. We can provide a quote after discussing your specific needs. Global BrainForce offers cost-effective global sourcing software development staffing solutions. Find out how we can meet your unique needs and budget»


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