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At Global BrainForce, we provide IT staffing solutions from the Philippines. Our experienced team will help you find the right talent for your project needs. Learn more about how our process works on this page.

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3 Simple Steps to Successfully Start IT Offshoring in the Philippines

IT Offshoring is the practice of outsourcing IT processes to an organization in another country. It is often done to take advantage of lower labor costs and to have access to more talents. With our unique IT offshoring service you can Work directly with your team and we take care of the rest. Here are our 3 simple steps to get started:

1 - Discuss how we can help you manage the process

Discuss specific IT business processes that you want to offshore.

2 - Matching skills

We’ll match the skills you need, and employ your offshore team.

3 - Support

We ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Phase 1 - Discuss how we can help you manage the process

What specific business processes that you want to offshore?

We will discuss the specific business processes, and required skills that you want to offshore. This could include tasks such as software development, app development, software testing, IT operations management, system admin, software product technical support, software/network/infra technical support, software design, or other IT-related functions.

Do we align with your company’s goals, budget, and expectations?

We discuss how we will manage the offshoring process, including how you will communicate with your offshore team, how you will transfer knowledge and expertise. A member of the recruitment team will estimate the cost, so you decide if our offshoring solution fits your business requirements.


Phase 2 - We’ll match the skills you need, and employ your offshore team


We leverage a large pool of tech specialist coming from our extensive Talent Database, as well as other platforms to ensure we find the right fit among more than 50,000 IT applicants.

Screening and tech assessment

After passing our HR screening process, candidates will undergo a Technical Exam and will also be interviewed by our Lead Developers to further qualify their technical competencies.

You select from the presented IT professionals.

The passed candidates are shortlisted for your interview. You tell us who among the top contenders you’ve chosen– and we’ll take care of making it official (extending job offers, providing hardware, & anything else they need to get started).

Phase 3 - We ensure that everything runs smoothly

You start assigning them tasks and managing their work. You will be able to manage all of the tasks the same way you would for your onshore team.

First day at work

We help you to schedule the onboarding and training of your team, like what processes and workflows they need to use, overall company culture and history to help them feel a part of your company.

We manage your team together, we take care of the operational management

We look after contracts, labor laws and compliance matters, IT deployment, performance, monitoring attendance and work habits, employee engagement activities, advise IT and software development best practice, ongoing recruitment, payroll, facilities management, IT support, and other HR/admin support.


Send us the deets and we’ll take care of the rest.