Offshore IT Staffing Solutions from the Philippines

Offshore staffing made easy with our IT staffing services from the Philippines. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals will provide the support you need to achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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What is Offshore IT staffing?

Are you looking for an partner in the overseas location to setup an overseas division for your company, and want them to do all the operations, including recruitment. Offshore IT staffing is relocating from costly economies to other countries in order to have access to more talents and sell the services at a competitive rate.

In these situations, Offshore IT staffing is a suitable solution:

you are looking for full-time dedicated IT staff

You want to select your staff from presented candidates

You want full control over your team’s processes and tasks

You don’t want the employer risks and want to outsource the operations

You want a partner that can also assist you with our software development process management experience

You want transparent monthly cost, and directly control the salary cost, and the compensation packages of your offshore staff.

What are the benefits of Offshore staffing?

Fast and easily scale up or down without investment


70% cost reduction when offshore staffing in the Philippines


Offshore staffing in the Philippines gives you access to skilled, high-quality, english proficient IT talent


Difference between Offshore staffing and Software development Outsourcing?

  • Offshore IT staffing: you handle quality and productivity of your IT team.

  • Software development outsourcing: Approach where you build a product oriented team to handle everything related to your software development processes. Your decide about your software vision.


Distinction between direct and indirect Offshore staffing?

  • direct Offshore staffing: immediately convinced about the right candidate? Make use of direct Offshore staffing. We then employ the IT professional with a regular contract immediately.

  • indirect Offshore staffing: Are you still in doubt about the range of tasks. Or unsure if it is the right specialist? Start with indirect offshore staff and hire the IT professional after the trial period with a regular contract.

How does Offshore staffing work with us?

As an employer we manage your staff in the Philippines, but your staff is dedicated to you and they report to you. 1 - We discuss how we can help you manage the process. Discuss specific IT business processes that you want to offshore. 2 - Matching skills. We’ll match the skills you need, and employ your offshore team. 3 - Support. We take care of your staff and ensure that everything runs smoothly.



One-off project or offshore staffing? fill in the checklist

Are you still unsure whether offshore staffing is the right for your business. Or would you like to work with a one-off freelancer? An important choice. To help you with that, we’ve created this checklist.

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What does Offshore staffing cost?

The costs for offshore staffing differ per IT job role. It’s custom work. We can only determine the rate after we have discussed all your wishes with you.

Our company offers offshore IT staffing from the Philippines at a cost of either paying per hour for a dedicated full-time staff or paying a retainer of a limited number of hours per month.

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