Determining the Best Offshore Model for Your IT Staffing Needs with Our Philippine Services

Find the perfect offshore IT staffing model for your business with our expert guidance. Our team at Global BrainForce has years of experience working with companies to find the right solutions for their IT staffing needs. Explore our different models and get in touch to discuss your options.

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What option is right for your business?

In these situations, our offshoring is a suitable solution:

Dedicated Offshore IT staffing

you are looking for IT staff who are experts, available, and committed to your organization. Then our unique Offshore IT staffing model is the solution.

Offshore staffing is the practice to setup an overseas division for your company by a partner who does all the support, including recruitment. This is often done to save on labor costs or to access a pool of specialized talent.

Software development outsourcing

You need access to a larger pool of skilled developers, cost savings on labor and resources, and the ability to focus on the software vision while the development work is handled by a dedicated team with the ability to adjust and adapt to changes in scope or requirements.

Project based outsourcing or virtual staffing

we don’t do one-off projects and don’t provide individual contractors. This might work if you don’t have long-term, ongoing work. - Instead, we provide full-time dedicated IT staff for your organization. Including a consistent and dedicated team working on the project, and clear communication.

Why we don’t do one-off Project outsourcing or virtual staffing?

The main reason is that you have almost no control over the contractors’ work environment and productivity.

Other risks of working with contractors include:

  • potential communication and collaboration challenges.
  • Risk of data security and confidentiality breaches.
  • Difficulty in ensuring compliance with labor and employment laws.
  • Potential for legal disputes and liability issues.
  • Difficulty in building long-term relationships and trust with virtual contractors.
  • Potential for higher project durations among virtual contractors.


Offshore IT staffing

You need expert IT staff that are available, and committed to your organization.

Our unique Offshore IT staffing model allows businesses to access a large pool of talent, potentially reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency by having the possibility to let your IT talent work in different time zones. It also enables businesses to tap into diverse skill sets and perspectives, potentially leading to increased innovation and competitive advantage.

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Software development outsourcing

You need software developers who are commitment to your project and with the ability to work closely together as a cohesive unit. Additionally having access to specialized expertise and the latest technology and development methodologies.

Our software development outsourcing allows your company to work with our cross functional team or individual to handle the development of your software in sprints. This means that your company is not responsible for hiring and managing an in-house team of developers, but instead can rely on the expertise and resources of the outsourcing team to create and maintain your software. This can be a cost-effective and efficient way for companies to access specialized talent and resources for their software development needs.

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