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At Global Brainforce, top-tier clients are always in search of a great developer who can effortlessly design, build, analyze, and scale different system resources.

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    Technical Qualifications

    • 5-7 years backend development experience
    • 3+ years of Backend Programming experience using modern programming languages
    • With professional experience in Golang
    • Has experience in either NodeJs or Python
    • Experience in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Production Experience with multiple GCP services, amongst many other (GKE (k8s and istio), GCE, Pubsub, GCS, Bigquery, Firebase, Cloud functions, Cloud build, Stackdriver, Dataflow
    • Production Experience in protobuf and gRPC
    • Production Experience in building a Service Oriented Architecture
    • Production Experience in building a Event Driven Architecture
    • Production Experience in working with container technology (kubernetes, docker)

    Advantage to have

    • Nosql databases: Firestore
    • Algolia Server-Side Search (knowledge on algolia sort, keyword and filter syntaxes)

    Minimum requirements

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, related field, or equivalent
    • You are a fluent English communicator and will be able to communicate effectively over video calls.
    • Work in local time zone

    Working for Global Brainforce

    • Highly Competitive Compensation & Benefits.
    • Healthy working times and a positive work environment.
    • You can work anywhere since we have the option for working remotely.
    • Global Brainforce offers mentorship and guidance about the latest technologies and provides resources to help you grow as a software developer.
    • Working in our team means that you’ll always be adding to your knowledge base, always learning something new, and you’ll never be bored.

    Our Values

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    Our processes are up to par with globally-recognized service standards. We deliver excellent quality service that guarantee business impact and measurable growth.

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    Best Team

    We find, train, and nurture the best software developers. We’re driven to build a passionate team of creative and analytical problem solvers that can execute cutting-edge software.

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    Fun Environment

    We create positive synergies between the personal and professional lives of our team members. Our measure of team success? When our passion meets purpose and when we’re able to enjoy a day at work.