Pricing overview

Fees & inclusions – Transparency is key

We break our fees into three components:

Fixed monthly Service fee


Hardware fee

Fixed monthly service fee

Fixed price for operational costs - everything is included, no surprices!

  • World-class facilities and infrastructure
  • Office support, facilities, electricity, internet, security, meeting rooms
  • Support services, including HR, recruitment, payroll, IT support
  • 24/7 on-site IT support
  • Client management and team management

Hardware fee

Our customers can choose the perfect hardware for their team

  • Laptop, mouse and keyboard
  • Extra monitor, memory or software
  • No investment, we purchase
  • Installation and updates, secure, upgrade
  • Monitoring and secure
  • Upgrade
  • Fully managed and supported during the contract

General price guide

Global BrainForce outsourcing can save you up to 70% of the cost of hiring domestically without sacrificing quality outcomes, working conditions, data security or staff retention.

Salaries for individual staff members will vary depending on the job, experience and qualifications, just as they would in your home country. Most midlevel developer positions fall between $2,200 – $3,300 USD (all inclusive) per month for full-time staff.

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