Save 22K – 118K on the most popular IT outsourced functions

Do you want to know how much you will save when using our offshore IT services?

GBF annual cost29K -86K29K - 47K
USA annual cost66K - 165K57K - 138K
USA ‘all in’ cost 179K - 198K68K - 165K
SAVINGS50K - 112K39K - 118K

  1. ‘All in’ cost includes taxes and benefits. ↩︎

Tech support repsSystem admin
GBF annual cost14K -19K16K - 31K
USA annual cost30K - 51K63K - 112K
USA ‘all in’ cost 136K - 61K75K - 134K
SAVINGS22K - 42K59K - 103K

  1. ‘All in’ cost includes taxes and benefits. ↩︎

FunctionLevelMonthly salary
PHP developerSenior [>3 yrs]$1810
13th month accrual$150
conversion factor 1 1.5$905
Health and Gov’t 2$117
Estimated monthly cost 3$2.982

  1. The costs that you pay as an employer are expressed in a conversion factor. The amount of the conversion factor vary depending on the needed experience and qualifications. ↩︎

  2. Health and mandated Gov’t costs approx/person. ↩︎

  3. This example is an estimate based on the current market salary average. Actual wages and other costs are calculated during the recruitment process. ↩︎


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