Global BrainForce is committed to safely and reliably process your personal information. This privacy statement explains how we treat data on is a website belonging to Global BrainForce inc. and functions to inform customers on hiring offshoring software also offers the possibility to subscribe for a digital newsletter.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By subscribing to the newsletter you authorize us to send you a monthly newsletter. We operate according to the privacy norms and guarantee that your personal details will be processed in a safe manner. Processing your details is done according to the GDPR.

Modifying/deleting information

Of course you can always unsubscribe to the newsletter. This is done through a link at the bottom of the newsletter, which is directly linked to our database where you will be automatically removed from.

Cookies makes use of ‘cookies’. Cookies are small files which are placed on your hard drive by the browser. Using a cookie, Global BrainForce is able to recognize your internet address. This way it is not necessary to reenter certain information (e.g. username and preference settings). This simplifies your use of

Video content uses the embedded function of youtube to publish video content. Youtube is part of Google. More information regarding the privacy policy of Google can be found on their website.

Google analytics uses Google analytics to analyze the traffic on the website. Therefore Google analytics cookies are used on our website. To avoid undesirable use by Google, Global BrainForce took the following measures:

  • Global BrainForce concluded a processor agreement with Google.
  • Global BrainForce has masked the last octet of the IP address of our visitors
  • Global BrainForce has turned off all ‘sharing data’ boxes
  • Global BrainForce doesn’t use any other Google service in combination with the Google analytics cookies.

Partners/Third parties

Global BrainForce cannot guarantee that partners or third parties which are mentioned on or which are linked to, also operate according to the General Data Protection Regulation. Global BrainForce inc. is not responsible for this.


For all your questions about and the privacy policy of Global BrainForce Inc. you can contact us, preferably through email via

Published: 23rd of May 2018