Remote software development team

Leave the nitty-gritty to us! Building a software development team with Global BrainForce is like opening your own remote development center.

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Flexible cooperation model

Whether you want to hire just one software developer or set up a cross-functional dedicated software development team - our cooperation model is flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

Find and assess IT talent

People are the most important capital of the company.

We pre-screen candidates based on your requirements, and then help you run as many interview rounds as you need to hire the right people.

  • You approve your candidates before we hire them for you.
  • They become your full-time employees, working from one of our four offices in the Philippines.
  • You manage your team directly.

Management services

Once you’ve found your new software developer , we’ll help them get settled in to your team.

  • Modern offices in the business center of Manila. We provide laptops, screens and all necessary infrastructure.
  • We will handle all administrative hassles (like payroll, taxes, employee records, vacations, sick days).
  • We assign an HR/Client Manager who is always ready to proactively solve any communication issues, do the performance reviews and monitor satisfaction.

Full time support for you and your developers

We’ll handle your team’s management in terms of performance, attendance, and provide other HR/admin support– allowing your internal resources to focus on their core tasks and functions.


We assign a dedicated HR/Client manager who facilitates communication between you and your team

GBF performance reviews

Regular reviews of the development team’s performance.


Work quality

Analysis of your feedback regarding your team’s work quality.


Recurring evaluation of the developers’ job satisfaction. Technical events and fun corporate outings.

Case study: software developer finds with GBF capacity and cost-effective solution.

The commitment of our Philippines developers is something I am very pleased with. Our problems are their problems too. I’m very happy with my development team.
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Custom recruitment.

You’ll never work with someone from the bench and you will not be assigned a beginner. You work directly with the software developers you’ve personally interviewed and approved. You know the team has the skills you need because you can check it.


Developers commitment

The developers don’t work for an outsourced vendor, the custom software developers you hire with us act like your full-time employees. They’re dedicated and don’t work for anyone else, so they’re motivated to deliver high-quality work and see things through to the end.

Direct communication

No middlemen, no miscommunication. You communicate directly with your team of developers. That means higher efficiency.


Predictable cost

You don’t pay extra for project management hours. You pay a stable monthly fee. Changes don’t add to the cost.


The developers time is not fixed. Change team size with only one month notice. Request advanced IT security. Travel to our offices to work alongside your software developers or bring them over to your local offices.


Project management

You have control over the project using your preferred tools and methodology. We’ll handle staff retention, attendance, and provide other HR/admin support. Our Shared PMO team will drive the success process of your offshore development team.

Skill level

You are not limited to the vendor skills, you get experienced software developers whose skillsets are a perfect match for your project.


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