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Do you want to hire an IT professional but outsource the management hassle? We help you to find exactly the right IT professional for your business. Whether you want to hire one remote employee or set up a team, at the same time. Let’s see together how we can help you find the best IT professionals!

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What is Global Remote permanent?

Companies that need remote permanent IT professionals. Without the time or capacity to search for suitable candidates. And without the management hassle of the operations. Then you make use of hiring a remote permanent IT professional. With this you outsource the finding of employees and HR management to a third party.

In these situations, Global Remote permanent is a suitable solution:

you are looking for remote permanent IT staff

need help finding the right IT profile

you want to receive advice about the right profile

no time for an extensive selection procedure

What are the benefits of Global Remote permanent?


We agree on a permanent contract with the IT professionals and you. This gives you the certainty that you can commit the IT professional to you for a long time



No extra high costs for recruiting and onboarding Knowing your business and processes intimately lets your employee work faster, better, and more collaboratively.


No employer risk:

As an employer, we pay wages. And continued payment of wages in the event of illness and the payment of premiums and levies.


Difference between Global Remote permanent and Global Remote on demand?

  • Global Remote permanent: finding, selecting and appointing a candidate for a permanent job.

  • Global Remote on demand: finding, selecting and appointing a candidate for a indirect permanent or temporary job.


Distinction between direct and indirect Global Remote permanent?

  • direct Global Remote permanent: immediately convinced about the right candidate? Make use of direct Global Remote permanent. Offer the IT professional a contract immediately.

  • indirect Global Remote permanent: Are you still in doubt about the range of tasks. Or unsure if it is the right specialist? Make use of Global Remote on demand. Hire the IT professional after the trial period with a permanent contract.

How does Global Remote permanent work with us?

Hiring a permanent remote IT professionals, or team with Global BrainForce is simple. After understanding your needs we find your candidate that’s the right fit for your business.

  1. You post your vacancy with us
  2. We publish the vacancy and find a match in our IT specialists database.
  3. We select suitable candidates
  4. Invite and present the best candidates
  5. Hire candidate
  6. We coach the hired candidate
  7. We then take care of everything on the ground
  • Read in more detail how this process works using these steps
  • or get started right away? Register your vacancy free of charge and without obligation using this form
  • or Contact us via the contact form


What make the Philippines the right choice?

  • Availability of high educated IT staff

  • Typical cost savings of up to 70% on salaries in most cases

  • English is the primary language

  • A focus on higher-level education and training

  • Large workforce (over 40 million)

  • Good infrastructure and amenities

  • Good geographic location

Why Global Remote permanent with us?

We know very well what is involved in the search and management for IT professionals. We are happy taking care of everything on the ground with our many years of experience, and large network. This is what we offer:

  • the largest selection of the best IT candidates
  • no cure no pay
  • a permanent contact person
  • Specialist knowledge is of great importance in the IT and software development industry. Our advisors are IT specialists, so that we can respond to the needs of your organization.
  • State-of-the-art, fully-equipped workspaces, customizable (branding, layout and security).


Flexible or permanent? fill in the checklist

Are you still unsure whether you should hire permanent. Or would you like to work with a temporary contract such as Global Remote on demand or Global Remote for project? An important choice. To help you with that, we’ve created this checklist.

View the checklist now

What does Global Remote permanent cost?

The costs for permanent hiring differ per vacancy. It’s custom work. We can only determine the rate after we have discussed all your wishes with you. We can only determine the rate when we know the gross salary of the selected permanent IT professional. You decide the gross salary. That means: no cure, no pay. So you only pay when you have actually hired someone!

read more about the costs and how you can calculate the costs»


Getting started with Global Remote permanent

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