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Hire a distributed cross-functional team that take end-to-end responsibility for your product

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Our POD employees are split into teams (called pods) working collaboratively, focusing on one client – customizable depending on business requirements

POD teams gives clients a range of skills and expertise, from a team that will all know the clients’ business and applications – rather than be completely new to the project.

Our POD’s are self-sufficient and deliver a defined product requirement in multiple sprints by following the Scrum methodology. It usually starts with 4 core members. Extended scalable specialist can be temporary added to ensure rapid problem-solving.

Outsourcing with a product-oriented team is the most effective choice if you want a team that is customizable and can be tweaked depending on business requirements.

We have the best IT talent

  • self-motivated, self-driven, and correctly skilled professionals.
  • As the Product owner, you’ll be working closely with your team manager / scrum master to decide and prioritize features that would have the most impact on your users and your business.
  • Other vital roles such as Technical analyst, UI developers, Backend developers, and QA.

We have the infrastructure

Remote development offices in South east asia.

  • Modern offices in the business center of Manila. We provide laptops, screens and all necessary infrastructure.
  • Shared roles used across PODs include: Architects, DevOps automation coaches (GIT, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Azure, GCP), Agile coaches.
  • Office managers that make sure the team has everything they need.
  • Use of Cloud Infra, Saas, VPN/VPI and any other necessary security measures.

Why should you choose our agile POD team over staff augmentation?

Free scaling

With the POD team model, scaling up and down the members needed of a pod team based on needs and scope takes only a matter of days.

Minimum time to hire

Your POD team can be planned and fully operational within 4-10 weeks.


Manager’s control

The team is leaded by a manager that assure the team work in a new agile mindset for collaboration, on common objectives. Single-team ownership speeds up the process and ensures accountability and product knowledge.


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BrainForce at Work

Building POD teams to help a high-tech client to reduce 25% headcount after 3 years.

One of GBF’s clients was looking for IT operational efficiencies through our POD solution that would ensure the delivery of all current services, and drive cloud adoption, micro-services architecture, automation, and DevOps transformation – along with a 25% reduced headcount after three years.

GBF assessed each technology used and set the goal for the team, what they will deliver?

GBF looked for a client product owner: This employee needs to totally understand the goal, and your business: then have the skills to take decisions and direct the pod members.


We decided on number of pods

Large POD Java

Team manager, Tech lead/java, 3 java devs, 2 QA and 1 tech analyst (to support application 1 for implementing small enhancements and fixes).

Medium POD-.Net

Team manager, 2 .NET, C#, .NET CORE devs, 2 QA, tech analyst (to support application 2 for implementing small enhancements and fixes).

Small unplanned work POD-java

Team manager, 1 java dev, part-time QA and tech analyst (to support both applications fixing unplanned production incidents).

The major result implementation

Client PO’s are assigned to one application and are not shared across other applications.

Developers and Testers have a primary assignment to one application. Developers and testers have a secondary assignment to another application and have knowledge of that app (The intent is to have developers and testers develop a deep understanding of 2 apps – and not require knowledge transfer for implementing/testing changes).

The shared resources, DevOps engineers, Architects, Test Automation Engineers, DBAs, etc. can work across all apps.


The pod at work

After sprint planning for one application, the team managers / scrum masters perform sprint planning across the other applications and assign stories/tickets to resources that have bandwidth and knowledge of the applications. The pods would follow the DevOps best practice of (you build it – you run it) and the same resources that implement a change will perform the maintenance.

Don’t expect overnight success, but allow time for the pod to succeed and manage POD teams – empower pods so they learn together, and deliver.

Interested in developing your software with a managed agile team in the Philippines?