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As a company, you want a cross functional team that can be scaled and temporary extended depending on business requirements. How? Hire a Global Remote team is a solution. Let’s see together how a Global Remote team can help you!

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What is a Global Remote team?

Are you looking for a range of skills to take care of your software or IT for a certain period of time, but do you want to remain flexible? Then you can hire a cross functional team on a project basis with an agreed number of hours. We provide you a team to start working collaboratively. – customizable depending on your requirements. It usually starts with 2 core members.

In these situations, Global Remote team is a suitable solution:

need help with a software project with a fixed start and end date

our software development team’s are self-sufficient and can deliver a defined product requirement in multiple sprints by following the Scrum methodology.

need help with IT operations team with a fixed start and end date

These teams are focused on operating IT infrastructure (such as networks, data centers and web services), and can monitor it.

need help with application support team with a fixed start and end date

our support team’s ensure that services are running seamlessly and enabling users to get on with their work.

you need a team that is customizable

Specialist can be temporary added to ensure rapid problem-solving.

What are the benefits of Global Remote team?

Flexible scaling:

With the team model, scaling up and down the members needed of a team based on needs and scope takes only a matter of days.


Minimum time to start:

Your team can be planned and fully operational within weeks, and sometimes even days.


Manager’s control:

The team is leaded by a manager that assure the team work in a new agile mindset for collaboration, on common objectives.


What is the difference between Global Remote team and Global Remote for project?

Global Remote team gives you the possibility to customize the individual team hours and tweak members per period. We are responsible for the management of the team members, while you provide the requirements and priorities. Global Remote team, however, gives you more flexibility. Where hiring on project basis gives you full-time team members, we customize the number of hours assigned per team member when working with a Global Remote team.

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How does Global Remote team work with us?

Whether you want a software team to develop your mobile app, desktop software, a website, or online store, or you need an application support team, we offer a tailor-made team based on your requirements.

  1. You contact us to explain the project requirements
  2. We assess technology used or advise new technology and set what the team will deliver
  3. We propose the core members of the team, including team lead, start date, end date and total number of hours
  4. Agree on proposed core team and total hours
  5. As client, understanding the goal and your business, you will direct the team members to explain requirements and priorities.
  6. Specialist can be temporary added to the team to ensure rapid problem-solving.

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What makes Filipino IT professional talent the right choice?

  • English is the primary language

  • Compatible with Western culture

  • Flexible to work in any time-zone

  • High-level education and training

  • Large selection of the best IT or software development candidates


Why a Global Remote team with us?

We know the IT industry very well. We are happy taking care of everything on the ground with our many years of experience, and large network. This is what we offer:

  • the largest selection of the best candidates
  • no cure no pay
  • a permanent contact person
  • Specialist knowledge is of great importance in the IT and software development industry. Our advisors are IT specialists, so that we can respond to the needs of your organization.

Global Remote team or permanent?

Does Global Remote team best suit your requirements or is hiring permanent IT professional with Global BrainForce a better option? An important choice that we are happy to help you with. We have created this checklist to give you more insight.

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What does Global Remote team cost?

What you pay for a Global Remote team differs per team. It also depends on the scarcity of the candidate skills. You pay per hour worked by the employee with a number of hours as stated in the contract. You determine the minimum number of hours in advance. We calculate the hourly rate by multiplying the conversion factor by the employee’s gross hourly wage. The conversion factor is thus the number with which you can calculate what the employee will cost per hour.

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