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Analyze, and improve your current development people and processes.

Product owner workshop

Together with the product owner we will develop a team extension plan: Team composition, roles, responsibilities, potential risks with mitigation, and an onboarding plan for the new team members.

Team workshop

Together with the team lead and the team we will implement an effective communication and management practice: Communication process and potential software development management process improvements.


Scrum workshop

Together with the team we will implement your agile Scrum development process: introducing the principles, defining the procedures, change of your current development process, and monitoring & adjust your team’s progress during the next 2 months.

Team leader workshop

We have some training sessions with your team leader to refresh their effective people and process management skills.


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Why choose software development process support

To get an optimal set of skills, roles, and necessary procedures that will help you to boost your team’s performance.


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