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Experienced Back End Developer with a demonstrated history of working in Telecommunication, Power Distributor, and Financial Services industries. Strong software engineering and skilled in Java, Microservices, Cloud Computing (Azure and Linode), Microsoft and Oracle Databases, SOAP, REST, Docker, and Kubernetes.

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Java10 years
HTML10 years
CSS10 years
Javascript10 years
Linux10 years
MySQL10 years


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Information and Communications Technology Academy Jun 2002 - Mar 2008


FilipinoNative speaker
EnglishNative speaker

Work experience


Position: Senior Back-End Developer/DevOps - JAVA Start - end date: Feb 2019 - Present


  • Develop microservice application using Spring boot based on the sequence diagram provided.
  • Monitoring and configuration of deployed applications via CI/CD using Elastic Stack and Grafana.
  • Review codes using java 8 version or higher to ensure the quality of the code and increase SonarQube coverage.
  • Enhance and optimize SQL queries in Oracle Database.
  • Setup monitoring tools in Linux Servers. (ex. Centos, Redhat)
  • Create and optimize bash script for configuring KONG Server.

Position: Senior JAVA Back-End Developer Start - end date: Nov 2017 - Dec 2018


  • Created microservice using Spring boot based on architectural design.
  • Integrate microservices using RESTful/SOAP protocol.
  • Used Docker for containerization through CICD in deploying to Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Enhance and Optimize SQL queries in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Utilize Microsoft Azure cloud product using Kubernetes.
  • Created Spring batch service to cater to back-office automation.

Position: Application Development Specialist Start - end date: May 2016 - Nov 2017


  • Created Java SOAP service and technical solution design for oracle caching application.
  • Created unit tests for SOAP application using JMETER to ensure the quality of performance.
  • Deployed SOAP application in Oracle WebLogic.
  • Created Bash script for the automation process to ensure the integrity of data in the oracle coherence application server.
  • Provide support in non-prod and production environments.

Position: Software Engineer/Team lead Start - end date: Oct 2013 - May 2016


  • Develops web-based applications and implement features and functionalities using Java and Sybase Power Builder.
  • Create Java SOAP service using IBM Integration Development tool for ESB middleware application.
  • Create a sequence diagram that will use for the integration process in the ESB middleware application.
  • Resolves technical issues through debugging, research and investigation.

Position: Software Engineer Start - end date: Nov 2012 - Oct 2013


  • Created bash script for Telco batch notification.
  • Created Java SOAP application that will be called by the bash script for SMS batch sending.
  • Provide non-prod/prod support.
  • Enhanced java SOAP service and bash script based on business requirements.
  • Created a unit test that will ensure clean code implementations.

Position: System Analyst/Programmer Start - end date: Feb 2010 - Oct 2012


  • Develop a window-based application from Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Integrated window-based application to IBM FileNet Server and KOFAX for clear digital imaging.
  • Created batch services that will be deployed in the Microsoft Windows server.
  • Enhance and Optimize query script in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Provide non-prod/prod support

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