Remote Mobile app Developer Philippines

Mobile Developer with working experience in both native (Android/iOS) and cross-platform development with Flutter.

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Java3 years
Kotlin3 years
Flutter3 years
HTML3 years
CSS3 years
Javascript3 years


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Holy Angel University June - 1996 - April - 2000


FilipinoNative speaker
EnglishNative speaker

Work experience


Position: Mid-level Flutter Developer Start - end date: Oct 2021- Present


  • Work on multiple projects as assigned by product managers
  • Develop new features and implement improvements based on the needs of the current release cycle
  • Improve the existing codebase by adding best practices to dart/flutter code (ex moving old flutter 1.0 code into 2.0)
  • Adding documentation to existing code and refactoring where necessary.

Position: Jr. Software Engineer (Mobile Development) Start - end date: Feb 2019 - Oct 2021


  • Create and maintain mobile applications for both internal use and customers of Cambridge University Press
  • Experience with Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store and Enterprise) releasing and store maintenance
  • Experience in agile-based development (Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban) using tools such as Jira, Trello, MS Teams, EasyRetro, Metro Retro, and PlanIT Poker
  • Created a knowledgebase for the team using Atlassian Confluence
  • Pioneered the transition of the team to cross-platform development using Flutter
  • Experience in Swift, Java, Kotlin, and Dart



  • A suite of apps and flutter modules used to manage restaurants
  • Work on assigned tickets assigned via
    • Bug Fixing
    • Implementing improvements
    • Adding New Features
  • Refactor monolithic code where necessary
  • Add documentation to existing code when no documentation is encountered

Cambridge Continuity Plan

  • Assigned as Project champion for this app
  • The current version was designed using Adobe XD and developed with Flutter
    • Most of the design and development was done by me
    • Makes use of a pseudo-MVVM pattern using BLoC pattern
    • Fully unit tested project
  • Started out as a prototype created during my internship as a proof of concept for the company.
  • Created to replace the company’s BCP call tree procedure by automating it through a mobile app using push notifications
  • Released as an App in Android Play Store and Enterprise App for iOS
  • Uses Firebase Realtime Database (V1) and Cloud Firestore (V2) as well as Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications
  • Firebase Auth with Microsoft SSO for Authentication

Cambridge Pocket

  • Assigned as Project champion for this app
  • Customer-facing app created as a companion app for Cambridge Learning Management System website
  • Developed and released as native apps in Android and iOS app stores
  • Uses SAP CDC (Gigya) for social login
  • REST API for back-end operations
  • Realm for local storage

Cambridge Compliance

  • Proof of concept app to transition the mobile team to Flutter development
  • The current version is developed with Flutter
  • Released on Apple and Google stores
  • Companion app for employees of Cambridge University Press for compliance-related concerns
  • Uses Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Storage for back-end

Digital Data Day

  • Companion app developed to guide employees of Cambridge University Press during the ‘Digital and Data Day’ event of the Press
  • Allows users to ask and view questions in real-time
  • Provides information of booths and talks available during the day
  • Native version currently live on Android and iOS Stores
  • Flutter version under development currently
  • Uses Firebase Cloud Firestore and Realtime Database for back-end
  • Firebase Auth with Microsoft for Authentication

Randomised Coffee

  • App created to facilitate getting to know people from different regions of the company
  • Pairs users who then setup meetings to discuss more of their work
  • Uses Firebase Realtime Database for back-end and Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notiifications
  • Firebase Auth with Microsoft SSO for Authentication

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