Project manager Philippines

Has 16 years experience in project management and 23 years in the BPO industry. Handled programmers, content writers, graphic designers and operations personnel. Knowledgeable in web programming and internet technologies.

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Project Management16 years
Agile16 years
Scrum16 years
Jira16 years


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) 1993 - 1997


FilipinoNative speaker
EnglishNative speaker

Work experience


Position: Head of Software Development Start - end date: 2012-Present


  • Manages the software development team that includes web dev, mobile dev, game dev and creatives groups to handle both internal and external clients.
  • Provides project leadership including system design and requirements gathering, stakeholders coordination, project monitoring and new technology R&D Methods/Tools/Technologies Used: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, PHP Laravel, MySQL, Solr, Redis for Web, iOS/Android for Mobile, Unity3D for Game Development, Arduino for IoT Projects, Wowza Media Server for Streaming, Asterisk for IP telephony under Linux/Windows platforms

Websites/Mobile Apps: ScanMo.Co,Audra.pub, iSkool.me, Bootleg-Radio.com, BrownBag.ph, GlobalPinoy.com, internal CRM/MIS websites, other web systems, AR/VR mobile apps, Kinect-based apps, IoT apps


Position: Project Manager Start - end date: 2004 - 2012


  • Assigned to lead the new project from company’s U.S. partner, CheckSite Inc., as its IT arm to handle the Check 21 project which converts paper checks to digital format for financial institutions.
  • Researched all needed info about the U.S. Check 21 Act Law
  • Initiated plans for all personnel, servers and systems needed for the project
  • Hired, trained and managed both programmers and operations personnel
  • Communicated with U.S. clients including partner banks, upper management and production group
  • Assessed client business requirements and change requests
  • Monitored programmer development schedule and operations
  • Planned system revisions both front-end and back-end systems
  • Helped with the web programming tasks of the project

Methods/Tools/Technologies Used: VB6 / .NET , Java, PHP, PostgreSQL, Windows Services, Multi-instance/Multi-threaded apps, XML Webservices, Bugzilla, Trac, Bulk FTP, Linux/Windows


Position: Web Developer Start - end date: 2002-2004


  • Handled web development project including web page storyboard conceptualization, database design and scripting.
  • Developed and updated websites for both internal and external clients
  • Designed database schema for the website

Methods/Tools/Technologies Used: PHP, Perl, MySQL, Linux, Linux Scripting


Position: Lead Programmer Start - end date: 1997-2002


  • Converted real estate information into a structured general record layout file.
  • Lead a team of programmers
  • Developed and updated COBOL applications that convert the client’s data into a specific file layout

Methods/Tools/Technologies Used: Unix, ACU Cobol 85, Unix Scripting

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