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A project-oriented and tech-savvy professional with comprehensive experience in web application and ETL (extract, transform, load) development using Python. Well versed in Relational Database Management System, including data warehousing, data architecture, mapping, and modeling. Insightful knowledge in AWS, RESTful API and open-source frameworks.

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HTML8 years
CSS8 years
Javascript8 years
Python8 years
AWS8 years
PostgreSQL8 years


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Lyceum of the Philippines University Intramuros, 2009-2013


EnglishNative speaker
FilipinoNative speaker

Work experience


Position: Professional Software Engineer Start - end date: March 2021 – Present


  • Develop new modules and enhance existing modules based on business requirements or any additional/new features for Seller Center Grocery & Mall Purchases
  • Design and develop dashboard and detail view of each module: Orders, Products, Image Manager, Seller Profile, Reports (SOA & My GEMs) for Seller Center Grocery & Mall Purchases
  • Develop overall functionalities of each module: Orders, Products, Shipments, Returns, Cancellations, Users, Statement of Account in Django Admin Portal
  • Create and manage permissions of each module in assigning users’ accessibilities in Seller Center and Admin Portal
  • Responsible for application deployment in DEV and PROD environment using AWS EB CLI
  • Integrate APIs in Django backend, up to front-end

Position: Data Engineering Senior Analyst Start - end date: February 2019 – March 2021


  • Develop new modules and maintain existing modules for ETL transaction processes using Luigi
  • Develop and maintain Jenkins jobs for ETL automation by integrating developed or newly developed modules in Luigi
  • Process raw files (zip, gzip, json, ndson, csv) in S3 bucket to create intermediate file via CSV format (processed/organized file), and load to Redshift database using Luigi
  • Test new modules and existing modules for the newly required system’s specifications
  • Gather test evidence for quality assurance before deploying in Staging and Production environment
  • Deploy developed or newly developed modules in batch-servers in Staging and Production environment
  • Deploy Jenkins jobs in step-servers and Jenkins UI in Staging and Production environment
  • Create and gather query reports by unloading required data needed by Accenture Japan onshore team or business users in Fast Retailing thru Redshift database
  • Responsible for doing data recoveries by executing Luigi commands in batch-servers for data loading if failure persists in Jenkins UI
  • Check/monitor Luigi logs via batch-load and batch-extract servers in Staging and Production thru server-side connection in PuTTY
  • Check/monitor email logs from Jenkins UI for job failures
  • Conducts KT (knowledge transfer) in development & recovery procedures to new members and thirdparty vendors (QBurst team)
  • Support and oversees associate developers on their development tasks
  • Responsible for conducting peer reviews for quality assurance of each source code being developed by associate developers

Position: Python Developer Start - end date: December 2018 – January 2019


  • Develop and maintain API codes from third-party accounting, invoicing & payments (Paypal, Stripe, Klarna, Fortnox, Visma)
  • Design modules & scripts for automation processes using Selenium
  • Administrate and support dashboard controls in accounting and invoicing processes in Visma & Fortnox application

Position: Senior Software Engineer Start - end date: June 2018 – September 2018


  • Develop Python based applications using content management system (Plone)
  • Deliver maintainable, consistent, well-tested code.
  • Collaborate and coordinate tasks/issues with the client and/or Lead Developer in offshore
  • Support set of Plone web applications and Python modules
  • Assist other team in developing ad hoc/internal tasks: o Automate printing processes in Google Sheets using Google Apps Script o Develop CRUD app using VueJS & Flask RESTful API o Develop functions/methods for files/texts scraping using Python

Position: Software Engineer Start - end date: June 2016 – June 2018


  • Responsible for developing web applications using web framework: Laravel and/or Flask
  • Testing the applications in controlled before deploying it live
  • Develop stored procedures and complex queries for reports analysis and data management
  • Develop front-end design for User Interface using HTML5 and Bootstrap3/CSS3
  • Integrate data from backend process to front-end visualization

Position: Hadoop Administrator Start - end date: November 2015 – May 2016)


  • Responsible for implementation and ongoing administration of Hadoop infrastructure
  • Aligning with the systems engineering team to propose and deploy new hardware and software environments required for Hadoop and to expand existing environments
  • Maintenance and monitoring of Hadoop cluster connectivity and security
  • Disk space and file system management, CPU utilization plus monitoring
  • Collaborating with application teams to install operating system and Hadoop updates, patches, version upgrades when required; manage and review Hadoop log files

Position: Data Integration Consultant Start - end date: April 2014 – September 2015


  • Responsible for the development, testing and implementation of data warehouse solutions for company-wide applications based on the Teradata Solutions Methodology.
  • DI/ETL Consultant concentrates in the analysis development and testing of the DI/ETL environment, processes, programs, and scripts to acquire data from source systems and apply the data to the tables in the database.
  • Develop and test DI/ETL processes for extracting data from legacy, loading initial and cyclical data in a data warehouse, and production databases.
  • Create scripts for historical data retention, and maintain technical documentation of the solution, and interact and work within the team.

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