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Analytical and innovative full stack developer with 12 years of combined experience. Possesses a higher and more complex level of understanding in designing module and its interface with others. Passionate developer with an appetite for technology. Independent, resourceful, self-reliant, responsible and self-motivated. Love learning and applying design patterns in solving requirements.

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HTML5 years
CSS5 years
Javascript5 years
Java5 years
Python5 years
React10 years
AWS5 years
SQL12 years


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Major in Software Engineering University of San Carlos April 2017


EnglishNative speaker

Work experience


Position: Python Developer Start - end date: November 2018 – Present


  • Translate product requirements to technical requirements
  • Retrieved Google AdWords using Django and Django Rest Framework
  • Applied data visualization and analysis on AdWords data using JavaScript
  • Restructured task assignment for Celery and RabbitMQ queues
  • Fixed Elasticsearch indexing regarding title updates
  • Addressed Reflected XSS vulnerability
  • Created Django migration to update comments with tagging capability
  • Automated sales lead generation using Python
  • Maintained Python scripts that used cron on an AWS EC2 instance
  • Created an AWS EC2 instance and connected it to AWS RDS
  • Trained a data set using darknet YOLO neural network library for object detection
  • Wrote an article on Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Led a team of 4 for a feature request using Vue.js

Position: Software Engineer Start - end date: May 2017 – October 2018


  • Develop implementation from design specifications
  • Developed microservices and cross module services
  • Increased testing coverage through unit, integration, and sanity tests
  • Updated technical documentation based on change requirements
  • Headed daily meetings for status updates and noted minutes of the meeting
  • Created artifacts for code review and performed peer review
  • Underwent bootcamp and developed microservices as project requirement

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