Remote React Developer Philippines

Experienced in Software Architecture, Cloud Solutions, User Experience (UX) and Database Systems (RDBMS and NoSQL). Understands the melding of operations and development to quickly deliver code to customers. Has experience with the Cloud and monitoring processes as well as DevOps development in Windows and Linux systems Interested in cloud technologies, business process improvement and innovative software solutions using various technologies in a wide range of platforms.

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ReactJS5 years
HTML5 years
CSS5 years
Javascript5 years
AWS5 years
MySQL5 years


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Mindanao State University June 2010 - February 2016


FilipinoNative speaker
EnglishNative speaker

Work experience


Position: Software Engineer/ReactJS Developer Start - end date: August 2018 – Present


  • Main developer and contributor of a retail banking system (GetGo Pay) web application and Back-office Web Application.
  • Support and hot fixing bug in production.
  • Creating a Deployment Guide and release Notes.
  • Attending and participating in our Sprint Planning and Daily Standup Meeting.
  • Deploying front-end Application to UAT Server.
  • Collaborating with the UI/UX Designers and QA Engineer for the best result of the app.
  • Collaborating with the backend developer to integrate APIs.
  • Integrates Third-party applications such Business Catalysts into applications.

Position: Full Stack Web Developer Start - end date: April 2017 - July 2018


  • Main developer and contributor of a Hotel Personal Management System called Shore Suite that used by small hotel and resort in the Philippines.
  • Customizing an online BOOKING ENGINE for a specific client.
  • Support and hot fixing bug in production.
  • Deployment of the app in AWS EC2 and GCP Cloud Engine.
  • Create and monitoring the app thru Google Analytics.
  • Setting up a cloud server in AWS/GCP for specific client.
  • Contributing and reporting to our Sprint planning and daily stand-up meeting for AGILE methodology.
  • Implementing basic devOps knowledge to ease and faster deployment.
  • Implementing best coding practice in ReactJS and integrating linter and unit testing for frontend side.

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