Custom Development Services

Ready to keep up with ever-changing technology? We love to collaborate, conceptualize, and create custom software that will bolster your new-age business ideas.

We design and develop optimized digital products for your fast-growing enterprise


Our senior developers will dip their toes into your system, conduct an in-depth analysis of your needs, and devise a clear-cut project plan. We will propose a custom-built solution, along with our recommended scope of work and estimated timeline, deliverables, and costs.


Agile is our DNA! Whether your goal is to build, upgrade, or revamp your software, we’ll lead the way on the technical side of things—from delivering quality work to testing until your digital products go live.


No need to worry about after care. You can easily tap on the expertise of our developers to keep your software in tip-top shape.

What's in it for you

Software development made simple

Our highly-skilled developers and tech experts will simplify the process for you. Our agile approach guarantees success by delivering an end-product that works the way you envisioned it while minimizing risks and reducing time to market.

End-to-end collaboration

We know how it’s done! Our team is Scrum certified, and our approach to creating your software is iterative and transparent. From brainstorming, ideation, until execution, you decide your level of involvement.

Knowledge retention and continuity

Handing over the final product is not the end of the road. We know your software by heart, and you can always count on us when you’re ready to take it further. We’ll get the most out of your smash hit innovation by fixing bugs, updating or adding new features, and optimizing for enhanced user experience.

Our clients love what we do. For real.

Najim el Mouridi
Directeur, Inconto

“We’ve been working with GBF for 8 years, and this long-standing partnership enabled them to deeply understand our business, culture, and development requirements. Our extended team in Manila has been instrumental in helping us develop our applications at 35% less cost.”

Rob Langendijk
Miscea, CTO

“We were highly impressed by the no-nonsense approach of the GBF development team, delivering the application exactly according to our demands in an incredibly short amount of time.”

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