Dedicated Developer

Finding the right remote developers can be tough!
Let our tried-and-tested software developer hiring process match the best tech specialist to your unique requirements.

We take away the guesswork and stress from your software developer hiring process


We kick off our software developer hiring process by fully understanding your requirements. After that, we’ll leverage a large pool of tech specialists from our extensive Talent Database to ensure we find candidates with the right tech stack, skills, and expertise you need.


Our vetting process is designed by developers for developers!
Other than extensive technical assessments, we pay close attention to self-management, communication, adaptability, and interpersonal skills– all important qualities to be a successful remote developer.


You tell us who among the top contenders you’ve chosen– and we’ll take care of making it official and providing what they need to get started. Finally, your software developer hiring is done!

What's in it for you

Get the best value for your money

Why choose between quality and cost when you can get both? Having direct access to world-class tech talent enables you to hire high-performing remote developers at ~30% less cost.

Full control over your remote developers

Whether you’re looking to augment your in-house team or just starting your software developer hiring, you’ll work directly with your offshore developer and manage their tasks, priorities, and overall performance.

Scalable software developer hiring solutions at your own pace

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your software development challenges. Build your team of offshore developers on a part or full-time basis while easily scaling up or down– all tailored to your specific business needs.

Our clients love what we do. For real.

Najim el Mouridi
Directeur, Inconto

“We’ve been working with GBF for 8 years, and this long-standing partnership enabled them to deeply understand our business, culture, and development requirements. Our extended team in Manila has been instrumental in helping us develop our applications at 35% less cost.”

Rob Langendijk
Miscea, CTO

“We were highly impressed by the no-nonsense approach of the GBF development team, delivering the application exactly according to our demands in an incredibly short amount of time.”

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