staff augmentation

If the quality of your software is important to you, put GBF software professionals on your team.

our expertise / technical domains

work full-time and in your time-zone – fully integrated member of your local team.

100% dedicated developer working in your timezone

End-to-end Client Control

you decide how the team is managed technically.

Our team will support you all the way

Start up with your own developer (s) – onboarding
development environment
embedding procedures

Development team:







what is needed for a Filipino developer


  • Sourcing talent

  • Select candidates

  • Organize interviews via video conference

  • Check for diplomas and references

  • Salary advice

office in # 1 business center

  • Professional developers workplace

  • Laptop with second screen

  • All software

  • Communication, including Video Conference room


  • Possible introduction period in your office

  • Meaningful collegial environment with other developers

  • Daily management

  • Adjust working hours and monitors worked hours

  • Education, advice, lunch, team outings, employer traditions

  • Shareholder in the Philippines provides daily management

  • Rooted in the country

  • Relationship with government, universities and trade association

  • Access to graduates and the labor market

  • Involvement between company and employees

we guarantee that it works

4 steps to supply you the software developer(s) you require.

Tell us what you need, we will make the skills available. Your staff reports to you on a daily basis, we handle the daily operations.

tell us what you need
We will work with you on the requirements and submit a proposal


we make the skills you need available
We find the best talents through our screening methods


your staff reports to you on a daily basis
Good communication has always been part of our routine


we handle daily operations
We make sure everything runs smoothly