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Experience the unmatched expertise and professionalism of our offshore designers from the Philippines. Our team of talented designers will help elevate your project to the next level with their creative skills and attention to detail.

As a leading offshore staffing services company, we provide top-quality design services at competitive rates. Let us help you achieve your design goals and boost your business success.

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What are the benefits of using our designers?

Using our offshore design staff for your project offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency and cost savings. Our offshore staffing services company from the Philippines provides highly skilled and experienced designers who can efficiently handle your project requirements. This can help reduce the overall project timeline and improve productivity, leading to cost savings. Additionally, our offshore design staff is able to provide flexible and customized solutions to meet your specific project needs. This can help ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards, within budget and on time.

Overall, using our offshore design staff can provide numerous benefits to your project, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved project outcomes.

What is the expertise and experience of our design staff?

Our offshore designers have extensive experience in a variety of design fields, including graphic design, web design, and product design. They hold advanced degrees in design from reputable institutions in the Philippines and have worked with clients from various industries, such as fashion, technology, and advertising. In addition to their strong technical skills, our designers are known for their creative problem-solving abilities and ability to deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines. They are also proficient in industry-standard design software such as Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch.

Overall, our designers are highly qualified and committed to providing exceptional design services to our clients.

Some of our projects

  1. One of our recent successful projects involved designing a new website for a retail clothing company. Our offshore designers worked closely with the client to understand their brand and target audience, and provided multiple design options to choose from. The final design was modern and user-friendly, and effectively showcased the company’s products and services. The client was extremely satisfied with the end result, and reported an increase in online sales and customer engagement. This project demonstrated our offshore designers’ ability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs that meet the needs of our clients.

  2. A website redesign for a large e-commerce company, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that increased online sales by 25% within the first month.

  3. The development of a mobile app for a popular fitness brand, featuring intuitive navigation and interactive features that enhanced the user experience and boosted user engagement.

  4. The creation of a corporate identity package for a multinational corporation, including a new logo, brand guidelines, and marketing materials that effectively conveyed the company’s brand message and values.

  5. A complete overhaul of an outdated CRM system for a leading financial institution, resulting in improved data management and enhanced customer service capabilities.

  6. The design and implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for a small business, resulting in increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue.

Testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of working with our design staff

“We were hesitant at first to work with an offshore designer, but the team at your company exceeded our expectations. The designs they provided were creative and professional, and the turnaround time was much faster than we anticipated. We are very satisfied with the results and plan to continue working with your team in the future.”

“Working with your offshore designers has been a game-changer for our business. Not only were they able to provide high-quality designs at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house designers, but they were also able to deliver on tight deadlines. We highly recommend your company to anyone looking for cost-effective and efficient design solutions.”

“Our company has been working with your offshore designers for several years now, and we have consistently been impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise. They have helped us develop our brand and improve our online presence, and we have seen a significant increase in our sales as a result. We couldn’t be happier with the services your team provides.”

“We recently worked with your offshore designers on a complex and time-sensitive project, and they were able to deliver exceptional results under pressure. Their attention to detail and ability to understand our vision made the process seamless, and we were blown away by the final product. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.”

“As a small business owner, I was looking for cost-effective design solutions without sacrificing quality. Your offshore designers were the perfect fit for our needs. They were able to provide us with beautiful, professional designs that helped us stand out in a crowded market. We are extremely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend your services to others.”

How do we collaborate with our clients?

1 - Discuss how we can help you manage the QA specialist

2 - Matching skills Using AI technology we’ll match the skills you need, and employ your offshore staff.

3 - Support We ensure that everything runs smoothly

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How can we meet the unique needs and budget of your project?

At our company, we understand that every client has unique needs and budget constraints when it comes to working with offshore designers. That’s why we offer flexible pricing options that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project.

For example, if you are looking to hire a designer for a short-term project, we can offer a pay-as-you-go model where you only pay for the hours worked by the designer. This allows you to minimize your upfront costs and only pay for the services you need.

On the other hand, if you have a long-term project that requires a dedicated team of designers, we can offer a flat rate or retainer model. This allows you to have a predictable monthly cost and ensures that your team has the resources and support they need to deliver high-quality work.

Additionally, our team is always available to discuss your specific needs and budget constraints and work with you to create a custom package that fits your project requirements and fits within your budget.

Book a Call today to learn more about our flexible pricing options and how we can tailor a package to meet the unique needs and budget of working with our offshore designers.

Hire top-quality offshore designers at competitive rates with our offshore staffing services.

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