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We manage your remote IT project manager for effective work and communication. Establish your remote IT project managers for long term collaborations with Global BrainForce.

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View Edgar

Project manager


Has 16 years experience in project management and 23 years in the BPO industry... Read More

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View Glen

Project manager


Accomplished business technology leader with good record of deliverables in project management... Read More

remote  project-management  agile  scrum  jira 

View Jeany

Project manager


Accomplished and customer-focused Project Manager with more than 15 years of professional experience... Read More

remote  project-management  agile  scrum  jira 

View Jerico

Project manager


Project Manager with 8+ years of experience managing multi-million software and web application projects... Read More

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How to hire project managers with us?

Step 1) Talk to one of our industry experts

We will work with you to understand your goals, and demands.

Step 2) We’ll offer you to the right project managers

It is up to you whether you want to invite talents to an interview or whether you want to hire them.

Step 3) Pay only when you hire.

Work with your new project manager for a trial period, ensuring they’re the right fit. Optional, hire the project manager after the trial period with a permanent contract.

Getting started? Contact us via this form. Or register your vacancy free of charge and without obligation using this form.

Why remote IT project managers with us?

We have years of experience in setting up the flexible layer of IT project managers. Our IT project managers meet all the required qualifications, have extensive work experience and are intensively supervised. If necessary, we raise their level of knowledge with training or additional (professional) training.

This is what we offer:

  • the largest selection of the best projectmanagement candidates

  • no cure no pay

  • for permanent, full-time, flexible, hourly, or project basis

  • a permanent contact person, we are formally the local employer taking care of everything on the ground

  • State-of-the-art, fully-equipped workspaces, customizable (branding, layout and security)

What is the difference between hiring for permanent positions, and temporary assignment?

We find the best IT project managers for permanent positions or temporary assignments. We offer you more. We provide flexible solutions to solve you unique IT personnel need.

We can do this due to our large network and training programs and our experience in the IT sector. Do you need for example to hire a remote IT professional ? Or do you want to be able to absorb fluctuations in your IT workforce? We help you with our tailor-fit and efficient solutions.

flexible deploy staff or fixed number of hoursfull time
stop when the work stops or fixed start and end datecommit to you for a long time
only pay for the hours worked or pay for the agreed hoursfixed pay per month
best for fluctuations in work or longer increase in demandbest for scarce profiles that are difficult to replace

We are responsible for the implementation of the employment and we take the administration off your hands.

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