The conversion factor

A conversion factor is a number used to calculate the cost for a candidate, by multiplying its gross salary.

What is a conversion factor?

The price you pay for the responsibilities you hand over to an outsource company is expressed in a conversion factor. With this conversion factor you can calculate what the costs are for a candidate.

How do you calculate your costs per staff with a conversion factor?

To calculate the costs per hour, multiply the gross hourly wage of the employee by the conversion factor and add the actual cost for Health benefits and mandated Philippines Gov’t benefits ($117 approx/person). A calculation: gross hourly wage x conversion factor + $117 = costs per hour.

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How is the conversion factor constructed?

The conversion factor includes the following costs:

  • the gross hourly salary of the employee

  • costs for illness (risk), public holidays, vacation days and holiday pay

  • costs for office space, electricity, facilities, internet, security, meeting rooms

  • costs to Global BrainForce for the recruitment, selection, planning of the new employee, and for all operations, including HR services, payroll, IT support, client management and team management


What is the Global BrainForce conversion factor?

The amount of the Global BrainForce conversion factor differs per technology and depends on the scarcity of candidates and the experience and qualifications of position you are looking for. Get your quote in a split-second and without obligation and find out what the conversion factor is for the IT-talent you are looking for.

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