Hire Software Development Teams

Leave the nitty-gritty to us! We’ll help you build a fully-managed offshore development team that will create, scale, and maintain your digital products while you focus on growing your business.

An Autonomous Software Development Team that Delivers Technology Solutions and Value

GBF provides all roles needed to complete the team you require. This team is typically composed by a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers, and other roles specific to the project. Management is conducted jointly by GBF Scrum Master / Engineering Manager and Client’s Product Owner.

All our team members are 100% bilingual and have 6+ years of experience in their field. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only work with the experienced Top of IT talent.

The Dedicated Team works autonomously, but communicates and reports status as often as requested by you. Using the Agile Methodology, it relies heavily on feedback made via demonstration of the development accomplishments to shape its design and functions.

Our Dedicated Software Development Teams work in sprints to efficiently attack the backlog while maintaining the flexibility to re-prioritize and adjust to deliver the best possible product.

Applying the best software development talent through the software development team approach, GBF’s Teams can start delivering software solutions and value immediately since teams are quickly formed to execute agreed plans.

Team members come from our Rigorous vetting and matching process

At GBF, we have a continuous hiring. That allows us to pick from the many applications to find the very best software developers for your project. Technical tests and interviews aim to assess  competencies. While our Seniority assessment enables us to find talent who can take full accountability and ownership.

GFB Rigorous Selection Process

What's In IT For You

GFB ROI Through Knowledge Retention

Start quickly

Teams are quickly sourced and autonomously managed by GBF.

Access to the best Software Developers

Our hiring process is always active to have quick access to talented software developers. To ensure you’ll be working with a highly-skilled remote development team, we rigorously check for both technical competencies and cultural fit.

GBF Vision
GBF Expertise

Avoid Remote Team Management issues

GBF is responsible for the Technical lead and team management. Once we hire your offshore development team, we’ll handle management in terms of performance, attendance, and provide other HR/admin support.

Free up internal resources

By using GBF resources you allow your internal resources to focus on their core tasks and functions, while still being in control of the whole project.

GFB Scalable Software
Knowledge Retention

ROI through knowledge retention

Our retention strategies ensure your remote developers are here to stay. Knowing your software by heart, your offshore developer team can go beyond just handing over the final product and can maintain, improve, and optimize for enhanced user experience.

Agile Project Management

Agile is in our DNA! Our Shared PMO team and Scrum-certified leads will help drive the success process of your offshore development team. Rest assured that all deliverables are completed with timeliness and quality in mind.

GBF Scrum Certified

The way we work

Our years of experience of software development allowed us to refine and streamline a three-phase approach.

Finding and Retaining Top Talent

Finding top tech talent

Other than technical tests, we look for assertive communication skills.

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GBF Matching with Right Skills

Matching with the skills you need

GBF provides all roles needed to complete the team you require.

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Full Control on Your Dev Team

Deliver your product in sprints

Our Dedicated Development Teams work in sprints to deliver your backlog while maintaining the flexibility to re-prioritize and adjust to deliver the best possible product.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Development Team?


Complete Development Team Outsourcing

Looking for an offshore dedicated development team takes a lot of work. Let us do the heavy-lifting to attract, hire, and retain the right tech specialists while you focus on the niche of your business as we sort things out on the back-end.

Knowledge Retention

Knowledge Retention with your Offshore Developers

Your remote developers can go beyond handing over the final product. Knowing your software by heart, you can count on them to maintain, improve, and optimize your product for an enhanced user experience.

Certified Scrum Master

Certified ScrumMaster®

Project management is key to making your software a success. Gain insightful advice from our Scrum Master to fine-tune the progress of your project and attain maximum efficiency for your remote development team.


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